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HARMONIE #11 HOME is out there and looks like this.

So this is the new HARMONIE! Hope you like it.

We had a great presentation afternoon at Het Bos with two performances. One by Karen Vantvelt, BED-DING, she set up her bed on the trottoir. A delicate puzzle in search for shelter in public space. And later one by Saori Kuno, she followed the unexpected choreography pictured in the manual of the PHILIPS Steam Iron GC2510. See pictures below. Package made, silk screen printed and stitched by the fabulous Lore Schuerman, who found inspiration in roofs and moss, but not only there.

For the moment, the only place you can spot a HARMONIE is at Het Bos, but maybe those issues there are already gone… Soon more info on where to find this one.

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We suck young blood, 7-9.12.2012. Pictures of an exhibition

The exhibition

Overview of Harmonie 1-8© Hanne Nieberding

Overview of Harmonie 1-8
© Hanne Nieberding

Thomas Grødal

Thomas Grødal – Skjebnen 2 (2011)
© Hanne Nieberding

Hanne Nieberding and Bruno Morez

Hanne Nieberding and Bruno Morez – Are You Kind People? (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Isa Janssens

Isa Janssens – There’s no such thing …as a nude plant (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Charlotte Grandgaignage

Charlotte Grandgaignage – Florida, Sarasota, ‘Pinkish Pieces collection’ (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Jente Maes

Jente Maes – Untitled (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Bram Van Meervelde

Bram Van Meervelde – L’union fait la force (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Filip Collin

Filip Collin – Relva do jardim da Joana (2012), detail
© Hanne Nieberding

Lore Schuerman

Lore Schuerman – Without Words (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Lore Schuerman

Lore Schuerman – Without Words (2012), detail
© Hanne Nieberding

Caroline Kolkman

Caroline Kolkman – Palms in Paris (2012) and Les Halles (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Bert Janssens

Bert Janssens – Billy Skrin (2010)
© Hanne Nieberding

Bert Janssens

Bert Janssens – [(proj/tect)] (2010-2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Mette Sinke

Mette Sinke – 2001201101 (2011)
© Hanne Nieberding

Eva Betjes

Eva Betjes – Dead End (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Katinka De Jonge

Katinka De Jonge – Zonder Titel (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

The performances

Performance by Kleine Squaw - Vincent Van Meenen and Jan Dertaelen© Hanne Nieberding

Performance by Kleine Squaw – Vincent Van Meenen and Jan Dertaelen
© Hanne Nieberding

Performance by Fleur Khani© Hanne Nieberding

Performance by Fleur Khani
© Hanne Nieberding

Barbarian Connection

Performance by Barbarian Connection – Jo Caimo, Max Pairon and Tomas Dittborn
© Hanne Nieberding

We suck young blood. An exhibition about two years Harmonie


We suck young blood.
An exhibition about two years Harmonie
Extra City Kunsthal

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Reminder (Winter ain’t over yet)

Please don’t forget to check the little bag (number 14) in your snowharmonieissue.

A. Follow the instructions (including: white fluids and coloury sugarballs)

B. Take a picture of your masterpiece

C. Send it to snowwithcolour@gmail.com

D. Wait

Wham bam thank you ma’am

HARMONIE 2 (* **** ** * ** *)


Jamila Ahale
Miss Badjeans
Kasper Bosmans
Alison Darby
Manolis Daskalakis-Lemos
Katinka De Jonge
Giannis Delagrammatikas
Anouk Fraweel
Thomas Grødal
Robbert Geens
Charlotte Grandgaigne
Bert Janssens
Caroline Kolkman
Lore Schuerman
Hans Theys
Tamara Van San
Isabelle Vanhoutte
Bram Van Meervelde


– Bar d’Office
– ‘t Lastig Portret
– Bar Choc
– Revista
– Caffènation
– Vitrin
– Stella Lohaus Gallery
– Maes & Matthys Gallery

Design by Inge Rylant
Published by Isabelle Vanhoutte

(and a big thank you to Lore, Ringo, Hannes, Mercè en Hanne and all the other hands that helped, ehm, cutting the ice to snow)

The theme of the next issue will be FAUNA & FLORA

To participate, you can
– Send your images/text to virtualharmonie@gmail.com (HARMONIE will print them in black and white)
– Send 200 prints to Harmonie, Zendelingenstraat 22, 2140 Borgerhout (you make your own prints in this case, this means you can add color/draw/…)
– Bring 200 prints directly to Isabelle at the In Situ3 department of the Antwerp Academy

deadline = 30 March 2011