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Harmonie 5 (LIGHT)


Hannelore Akkermans
Eva Betjes
Katinka De Jonge
Groep Radio Harmonie
Bert Janssens
Isa Janssens
Lara Kamhi
Jente Maes
Bruno Morez
Hanne Nieberding
Fleur Ordoukhani
Laurence Scherz
Liesje Vangeneugden
Simon Vanheukelom
Vincent Van Meenen
Bram Van Meervelde
Bart Vente

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You can’t have a light without a dark to stick it in _ Harmonie is looking for contributions

Harmonie is looking for text and images!

Work that is linked,
as broadly as possible,
to the light thing
that is covering your hands right now
that you can see but not touch in the eyes of your dog

The February Harmonie will appear in a brown envelope (A4 size) to hold the pages together. This means that you can do something crazy with the size, folding, …

Please send your work to virtualharmonie@gmail.com (it will be printed in b&w on Xerox). If you would like to print/draw your own pages and give them all ready to Harmonie, that would be even more welcome (we will need 200 copies).
Postal address: Zendelingenstraat 22, 2140 Borgerhout.

The deadline is Monday 6 February, 21h, the theme is ‘light’.

Dark pictures but light in the head

This is what the studio of Radio Centraal looks like!



Radio Harmonie on 10/12/2011 at Radio Centraal.
Theme: Light In The Head
Interview with artist Bram Van Meervelde and poetry by Eva Betjes.
Hosts are Katinka De Jonge and Isabelle Vanhoutte.
Pictures by Hanne Nieberding.

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(the deadline disappeared behind the horizon) it will rise again in the february red morning light

The deadline of the Harmonie light issue has moved to February 6th. This is due to almost structured internal restructurations of the structure of Harmonie (we are still looking for a designer and volunteers, click here).

So now you have the time. Go create a light buzz, go create a melting sun, go create a diamond suit, light a matchstick in the darkroom and send it to Harmonie.

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