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Harmonie 7 (PARADISO)


Kevin Brugneaux
Katinka De Jonge en Laurence Scherz
Joke De Wilde
Nick Mattan
Aline Remes
Mette Sinke
Dries Van Dessel
Tom Volkaert


– Bar Leon
– Bar Nadar
– Barnini
– Bartilia
– Bato Batu
– Broer Bretel
– Copyright
– Demian
– Extra City
– Galerie De Zwarte Panter
– Gallery Fifty One
– Headlines
– Hopper
– Kornél
– Korsakov
– RA
– Rosier 41
– Scheld’Apen
– Vitrin
– Witzli Poetzli

Published and concept by Isabelle Vanhoutte

Design by Laura Geurten
Editors: Jente Maes (photography), Hanne Nieberding (PR)

(a big thank you to Afreux and Collectief De Wrikker  for the production, and to Mercè, Charlotte, Hanne, Katinka, Laurence and Dries for the assembling)

The theme of the next issue will be TONES

 To participate:

  • Send your images/ text to virtualharmonie@gmail.com (Harmonie will print them in black and white on Xerox)
  •  Send 200 prints to: Harmonie, Zendelingenstraat 22, 2140 Borgerhout (You make your own prints in this case, this means you can add color/draw/…)

deadline = 06/10/2012


Harmonie 6 (VOYAGE) is out…….!


Kevin Brugneaux
Filip Collin
Alison Darby
Charlotte Grandgaignage
Caroline Kolkman
Serkan Kose
Jente Maes
Hanne Nieberding
Jessica Christine Ritchie
Sophie Stefens
Sara Todd
Dries Van Dessel
Isabelle Vanhoutte
Jaimy Van Leur
Vincent Van Meenen
Bart Vente

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