Harmonie for sale

As promised, more sales points!
You can find Harmonie #10 here:

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Look, the new edition # 10 Leon Vranken!

Where were you on the night it all happened? (Okay, it was a sunday afternoon). If you missed our release event on 26th of May @ Bar Nadar, or just dying to relive it, here are the pictures honeybees!

It was very fine, thank you all for coming. You will always be in our hearts as the ones who gave food to our starving artists. Who were:

// Benjamin Verdonck, Baldvin Einarsson, Kasper Bosmans, Bence Rohanszky, Gauthier Oushoorn, Rufus Michielsen, Allison Hrabluik, Liesje de Laet, Valerie De Ghellinck, Michael Bouchez, Stefaan Vervoort AND Leon Vranken //

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Nothing stays the same

How time flies! You’ve already heard of our new edition, # 10 LEON VRANKEN. Well, it’s coming out on 26th of May so time to test your knowledge of HARMONIE.

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Photos of Harmonie on the Sjacherbeurs

A quick fix of esthetics, you guys! Feast your eyes on our proud appearance at the Sjacherbeurs that Scheld’apen organized.

For more pictures, see the site of Scheld’apen: http://scheldapen.be/?action=media&albumid=2532

Harmonie goes Scheld’apen flea market

HARMONIE is on the Scheld’apen Sjacherbeurs this weekend!
4- 5 May, from 9 AM to 4 PM. Continue reading

Surrounded by subtle sculptures and in the center: Leon Vranken. Harmonie is looking for contributions.


HARMONIE  is looking for text and images

Work that is linked,
as broadly as possible, 
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Harmonie is looking for volunteers! Communication assistant

HARMONIE is looking for volunteers!

Update: HARMONIE found a communication assistant, but we still love volunteers.

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