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Brand new site

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Nothing stays the same

How time flies! You’ve already heard of our new edition, # 10 LEON VRANKEN. Well, it’s coming out on 26th of May so time to test your knowledge of HARMONIE.

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Friday (a tribute to a fake Bob Dylan)

These are some of  the youtube contemplations on the Dylan version (through this website):

“I heard this song for the first time before the march on washington. It was a very strange time, and everything felt like it was going in slow motion. Then this song came on, and it happened to be a friday. This song reminded us that change will come, and that yesterday was thursday. The days will keep changing, and soon we will be at sunday. Cause that comes afterwards. Hard times then..but always good to look back and remember. Thank you for this post.”

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Donald Judd or Cheap Furniture?

Play the quiz here.

(via Whatspace)