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HARMONIE #12 DRAW. Lots of beauty – only, untraceable.

So it’s out there. Go snuggle yourself a copy up.


There’s 30 copies, hidden in the streets of Antwerp. We included a shady map (below) to guide you there.

These artists are the contributors:

Nina Jorg (DE). ‘Fall’. Gouache on paper, 21 x 29 cm.
Boslabs (BE+…). (no title). Carbon paper, transparent laser print firlm, collage, diazone paper, 30 x 60 cm.
James Stephen Wright (UK). ‘eSmokers’. black and white risograph print , 29,7 x 42 cm.
– Jan Vermandere (BE). Typeface Nº47. hand-pressed on Simili Japon. Folded.
Maika Garnica (BE). ‘Blinddruk’. relief print.
Siemen van Gaubergen (BE). “ik wist dat u”. booklet, A4, cut.
Zena Van den Block (BE). ‘Photographing my mother with a photocamera who is photographing photographical places in budapest with a phone which is not so suitable for photographing’. booklet, print on paper, 6,5 x 10,5 cm.
Idris Sevenans (BE). ‘Trechter #35: betekenis een biervilt’. beer card, ø 9 cm.
Isa Janssens (BE). (no title). ecoline on paper.
– Nordin Royackers (BE). ‘ZONSOPGANG ZONSONDERGANG’. pencil and marker on paper.
Marjan De Ridder (BE). ‘Daar in de hoek’. crayon on paper.
Marian Venceslà (ES). ‘René Magritte reaching for his hat’. digital copy with red paint.
Jelle Kindt (BE). ‘Campfire’. print on A5.


We had two wonderful days of making, talking, seeing people, typewriting and drinking coffee – but mostly: drawing. At Grafixx, back then, in November 2016. We bow deeply and praise the organizers of the festival for keeping drawing up in the air.


There was a small HARMONIE expo at Grafixx, where we showed our past 11 editions (already!).

And a beautiful, fragile performance, too, by our heroin Karen Vantvelt who packed and unpacked an (in)numerable amount of stones. See picture below.


All photos by Olmo Peeters.

So, where is it at?

Here. Put on your coat and run.

Damn, I didn’t get one. What does it look like?

(if frame stays empty, clikhere)





HARMONIE is looking for text and images
that DRAW

Draw the lines of your face
in ink and with a feather
I trace your words

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HARMONIE #11 HOME is out there and looks like this.

So this is the new HARMONIE! Hope you like it.

We had a great presentation afternoon at Het Bos with two performances. One by Karen Vantvelt, BED-DING, she set up her bed on the trottoir. A delicate puzzle in search for shelter in public space. And later one by Saori Kuno, she followed the unexpected choreography pictured in the manual of the PHILIPS Steam Iron GC2510. See pictures below. Package made, silk screen printed and stitched by the fabulous Lore Schuerman, who found inspiration in roofs and moss, but not only there.

For the moment, the only place you can spot a HARMONIE is at Het Bos, but maybe those issues there are already gone… Soon more info on where to find this one.

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Look, the new edition # 10 Leon Vranken!

Where were you on the night it all happened? (Okay, it was a sunday afternoon). If you missed our release event on 26th of May @ Bar Nadar, or just dying to relive it, here are the pictures honeybees!

It was very fine, thank you all for coming. You will always be in our hearts as the ones who gave food to our starving artists. Who were:

// Benjamin Verdonck, Baldvin Einarsson, Kasper Bosmans, Bence Rohanszky, Gauthier Oushoorn, Rufus Michielsen, Allison Hrabluik, Liesje de Laet, Valerie De Ghellinck, Michael Bouchez, Stefaan Vervoort AND Leon Vranken //

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Photos of Harmonie on the Sjacherbeurs

A quick fix of esthetics, you guys! Feast your eyes on our proud appearance at the Sjacherbeurs that Scheld’apen organized.

For more pictures, see the site of Scheld’apen:

Harmonie goes Scheld’apen flea market

HARMONIE is on the Scheld’apen Sjacherbeurs this weekend!
4- 5 May, from 9 AM to 4 PM. Continue reading

We suck young blood, 7-9.12.2012. Pictures of an exhibition

The exhibition

Overview of Harmonie 1-8© Hanne Nieberding

Overview of Harmonie 1-8
© Hanne Nieberding

Thomas Grødal

Thomas Grødal – Skjebnen 2 (2011)
© Hanne Nieberding

Hanne Nieberding and Bruno Morez

Hanne Nieberding and Bruno Morez – Are You Kind People? (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Isa Janssens

Isa Janssens – There’s no such thing …as a nude plant (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Charlotte Grandgaignage

Charlotte Grandgaignage – Florida, Sarasota, ‘Pinkish Pieces collection’ (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Jente Maes

Jente Maes – Untitled (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Bram Van Meervelde

Bram Van Meervelde – L’union fait la force (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Filip Collin

Filip Collin – Relva do jardim da Joana (2012), detail
© Hanne Nieberding

Lore Schuerman

Lore Schuerman – Without Words (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Lore Schuerman

Lore Schuerman – Without Words (2012), detail
© Hanne Nieberding

Caroline Kolkman

Caroline Kolkman – Palms in Paris (2012) and Les Halles (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Bert Janssens

Bert Janssens – Billy Skrin (2010)
© Hanne Nieberding

Bert Janssens

Bert Janssens – [(proj/tect)] (2010-2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Mette Sinke

Mette Sinke – 2001201101 (2011)
© Hanne Nieberding

Eva Betjes

Eva Betjes – Dead End (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

Katinka De Jonge

Katinka De Jonge – Zonder Titel (2012)
© Hanne Nieberding

The performances

Performance by Kleine Squaw - Vincent Van Meenen and Jan Dertaelen© Hanne Nieberding

Performance by Kleine Squaw – Vincent Van Meenen and Jan Dertaelen
© Hanne Nieberding

Performance by Fleur Khani© Hanne Nieberding

Performance by Fleur Khani
© Hanne Nieberding

Barbarian Connection

Performance by Barbarian Connection – Jo Caimo, Max Pairon and Tomas Dittborn
© Hanne Nieberding