HARMONIE is looking for text and images
that DRAW

Draw the lines of your face
in ink and with a feather
I trace your words

HARMONIE is published in a brown envelope (A4) to hold the pages together. This means that you can do a lot with the size, you can fold paper or bring in irregularities and small objects.

To contribute, send an e-mail with your proposal to HARMONIE will get in contact with you. We’re also looking for a designer for the packaging. Deadline: November 10th. Contributing artists make their own copies of the artwork (we will need 35 prints) and deliver them to HARMONIE.

HARMONIE #12 DRAW will be part of Grafixx festival in DE Studio on November 26-27. You’ll find us there with an overview exhibition of HARMONIE 1-11. Additionally, HARMONIE #12 DRAW will be an open invitation to the visitors of the festival. During the weekend, visitors can come over and create a contribution to this new edition, and then democratically vogelenpick the public places where it will be spread. We’ll be expecting you!


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