HARMONIE #11 HOME is out there and looks like this.

So this is the new HARMONIE! Hope you like it.

We had a great presentation afternoon at Het Bos with two performances. One by Karen Vantvelt, BED-DING, she set up her bed on the trottoir. A delicate puzzle in search for shelter in public space. And later one by Saori Kuno, she followed the unexpected choreography pictured in the manual of the PHILIPS Steam Iron GC2510. See pictures below. Package made, silk screen printed and stitched by the fabulous Lore Schuerman, who found inspiration in roofs and moss, but not only there.

For the moment, the only place you can spot a HARMONIE is at Het Bos, but maybe those issues there are already gone… Soon more info on where to find this one.

HARMONIE #11 HOME detail

HARMONIE #11 HOME detail

Karen Vantvelt - BED-DING (2016)

Performance by Karen Vantvelt – ‘BED-DING’ (2016)
photo by Isabelle Vanhoutte

Saori Kuno - 'PHILIPS Steam Iron GC2510' (2016)

Performance by Saori Kuno – ‘PHILIPS Steam Iron GC2510’ (2016)
photo by Hanne Nieberding

You can find the list of contributing artists here.

Note: for those who already took HARMONIE #11 HOME home, the work by Elke Van den Ende is unfortunately missing. In the meantime it arrived at our headquarters. Contact us if you’d like to complete your edition.



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