OPEN CALL: A place called home (just hold on to me)

old family

HARMONIE is looking for text, objects and images

Work that is linked,
as broadly as possible,
to a place called
home (just hold on to me)

HARMONIE is an art multiple that wants to give young and bloody artists/writers the opportunity to reach an unexpected audience. At the same time, HARMONIE invites artists to make gripping works, within the limits of an envelope and a central theme.

HARMONIE is free. The multiple is distributed at different public locations in Antwerp. A HARMONIE edition has 150 copies. The loose entries are joined in a A4-sized envelope, designed like a magazine. For more info, take a look at our website or mail Isabelle at virtualharmonie(at)

How to contribute:
Send a proposal to virtualharmonie(at) HARMONIE will contact you back. The deadline for proposals is prolongued until Friday 4/03/2016. All participating artists create their own contributions (prints or objects).

Presentation + BOSbreakfast on Sunday 20/03/2016 from 12h-16h in Het Bos, Ankerrui 5-7, Antwerp.


P.S. One may wonder, how come HARMONIE is on again?
HARMONIE’s retreat is impeccably executed, but it has now ended. It’s time for some phoenixing. For our world is getting somewhat unhomely, lately. HARMONIE wants to open up the conversation about home with some good, conscious, whispering, riotfeeding art.


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